Indian runner ducks

(Anas platyrhynchos domesticus)

Indian runners are said to originate from the East Indies and, as the name suggests, they are supposed to run rather than waddle. They are an incredible breed of duck which to the untrained eye have the appearance of a small goose. Their appearance is entirely natural and the Indian Runner is not thought to have been bred as a ‘designer duck’, as have some other breeds. Indian Runners lay prolifically compared to other ducks, producing around 200 large blue-ish eggs per year, and it is for this reason that runners were originally brought back to the UK from the East Indies.

As with the guinea fowl, stone carvings appear to indicate that these ducks have been around for over a thousand years. Our indian runners are all black. We keep them for their eggs and to breed from for live duck sales. Along with the guinea fowl the ducks act as an alarm for the rest of the poultry, to warn them when people or prey are in the area.

They free range and feed on a mixed diet of worms, slugs and other insects, as well as grass, plants and chicken feed. They have a bucket of clean water to wash their bills in and a small pond to play in.